Welcome to Sungard

Sungard data centre services offer world-class facilities
and carrier independent high-bandwidth access
within secure and resilient environments.

Enterprise class Datacentre

from world-leading vendors that customers
can own or access via the cloud in order
to efficiently run their business applications and services.


Why Sungard Data Centre Services?

100% Structurally Sound Building

Modern purpose built earthquake resistant Data Centre construction.

Power Redundancy

Utility Supply Mains Power from two independent high voltage 11kV direct feeds.

Cooling & Environment monitoring

Dual automatic feed water to the data centre with backflow prevention.

Fire Detection and suppression

Sprinkler systems throughout the building Dry pipe with pre- action valves and equipment areas.

Building Management System

Experienced 24×7 facilitates management team.


Access to multiple telecommunications providers.


Security Operations Centre. Bullet resistant Building Management and Security front entrance control room. 24 hour monitoring.

Green and Energy Efficient

Modern plant and equipment providing energy efficiency.


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We are a specialist provider of technology

related properties and offer our customers the ability
to rent, lease or licence space within our data centres.

What are the benefits associated with Sungard Data Services?

Certainty of Tenure

Sungard has a proven track record, with 15 years in the industry with stable long term clients

Supporting Your Investment

Sungard offers flexible solutions, responding collaboratively to unique business and technical needs

Liberty to Choose

Liberty to choose Information Technology and Telecommunications service providers of your choice


Peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is protected to global data centre standards

Independence and Control

Independence and control over one’s own IT infrastructure and hybrid cloud

24 x 7 Support

Sungard has a 24 x 7 Support line to sort out any issues with the facility’s infrastructure

We’re at the cutting edge of technology, Come on board with us and invest in your future…