2015 July

Sungard Data Centre Announces the Completion of Two New Data Centre Halls in Adelaide

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Sungard Data Centre is pleased to announce the completion of two new data centre halls, that are now available to the Adelaide market place.

The data halls are approximately 300 sq metres each (600 sq metres in total), and are in addition to the 1,150 sq metres of existing data centre space, already occupied by long term clients within South Australia’s largest and fully operational data centre facility . Release of the new data halls to the market is the culmination of a major upgrade project including building,  electrical, mechanical and fire systems upgrades that have resulted in improvements to the capacity and reliability of the 6,000 sq metre campus facility. Read More

Fire Systems Upgrade, Sungard Data Centre

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Sungard has recently completed a major upgrade to the Fire services within its Kidman Park data centre facility. Completion of this major upgrade to the site’s Fire services is to coincide with the impending announcement of two new data halls that will be commissioned and available to the Adelaide marketplace in July 2015. The new data halls will provide an approximate 600sq metres of new technical date centre space and will be in addition to the 1150sq metres of existing technical raised floor space occupied by existing clients. Read More