Main Building Entrance

Who Are We?

We are an Australian company that facility manages and operates a South Australian, Adelaide based data centre. Our Adelaide 1 (A1) data centre is 6,000 sq metres in size, and contains sophisticated plant and equipment, technical computer room space and office space suitable for High Availability Business Continuity and Network Operating Centres (NOC).

A1 has been built with resilience in mind and is a purpose built 2300kW data centre. A1 is currently fully operational and has approximately 1000kW of available capacity to meet future requirements. Our Adelaide data centre campus has been designed with growth in mind and has been positioned to enable Adelaide 2 (A2) to be built on adjoining vacant land. It is anticipated that A2 will be built in the forthcoming years.

Our A1 data centre incorporates the following features:

+ Tiled raised floor computing areas;
+ Office and Control rooms;
+ Sophisticated power generation and backup battery capabilities to provide alternative sources of power in the event of mains power loss;
+ Extensive cooling capabilities;
+ Advanced fire monitoring and suppression systems;
+ Multilayered physical and electronic security.
A1 data centre provides an ideal environment for customers to locate mission critical computing systems and backup facilities.

We are a specialist provider of technology

related properties and offer our customers the ability
to rent, lease or licence space within our data centres.