SA Power Networks Upgrade to Sungard’s Supply

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Next Generation Controls & Switchgear, Dedicated Dual Feeders, Increased Reliability

SAPN’s annual planning for 2017 included upgrades to existing Substation switchboards that supply Sungard’s dual power feeds with state of the art equipment and control systems. The estimated capital cost of work for SAPN substation upgrades was is in the order of $4 million for their project.

SAPN has now completed the first Stage of the Flinders Park Substation upgrade, with Sungard becoming the first customer to be transferred onto the new Digital Feeder Management system with advanced Switchgear. Upgrade to Sungard’s Feeder #2 11kV supply has now been successfully completed with upgrade to Sungard’s Feeder #1 11kV supply due in the first week of May.

This significant SAPN technology upgrade to Sungard’s dual power feed design provides even greater confidence, ensuring uninterrupted switching between feeders when required, and removing single points of failure in the Utility supply system.

A further major benefit to Sungard and our customers is that Feeder #1 and Feeder #2 are both “dedicated feeds”, as opposed to shared “community” feeds supplying neighbouring electricity users. This enhances stability and reduces risk by avoiding points of failure that may occur due to highly varying demand in adjacent Mixed Use Zone areas and peak demand during extreme weather from those SAPN customers.

Sungard applauds SAPN’s forward planning initiative along with their investment of finances and resources to further enhance utility services that support Sungard’s data centre operations.

Garry Karklins
General Manager Sales & Operations
Sungard Data Centre Services

Sungard DC Achieves ISO 9001:2015

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With an ongoing commitment to quality, Sungard is pleased to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 certification promotes the development of quality systems, continual improvement, customer satisfaction, traceability and international best practices within the Sungard Data Centre. Obtained through an exhaustive external audit of our documentation, record keeping, systems, processes and procedures by an independent accredited register company, this certification means customers can have further confidence in the excellent services already provided.
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South Australia State Wide Power Outage

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On the 28th of September 2016, the State of South Australia experienced a complete power outage that affected the vast majority of businesses and residences in the State.

The Sungard data centre also experienced a loss of power from the utility, South Australian Power Networks (SAPN). During this mains power outage the data centre immediately transferred from utility power to obtain supply from its own UPS batteries and diesel generators. We are pleased to advise that the transfer from mains power to our auxiliary power supply during this unplanned event, was seamless enabling all of our customers to continue business operations without interruption. In total the data centre was operating on auxiliary power without mains power supply from 15.40 pm to 21.55pm
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Sungard Receives Development Approval for A2 Data Centre

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Project will provide local SA employment opportunities

The City of Charles Sturt announced this week that it has approved the development of Sungard’s A2 data centre. The approval was granted after an 8 month submission and review process that required extensive planning and due diligence. The planned development will see construction of a new data centre on land within the Sungard Kidman Park data centre campus. Overall design incorporates a modern and attractive building in keeping with the existing facility while enhancing the precinct and creating significant employment during the construction phase.
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Sungard Data Centre Kicks Off Defence Teaming Membership with Event

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Sungard Data Centre, known as South Australia’s largest and most secure data centre, is now an approved member of the Defence Teaming Centre. Sungard, which recently undertook a major upgrade with significant investment, operates a world class, purpose built data centre on over 6000m2. Established in Kidman Park, Adelaide, Sungard is just 10 minutes from the city and airport, allowing for very central and easy access for their clients.
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