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Sungard Data Centre Announces the Completion of Two New Data Centre Halls in Adelaide

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Sungard Data Centre is pleased to announce the completion of two new data centre halls, that are now available to the Adelaide market place.

The data halls are approximately 300 sq metres each (600 sq metres in total), and are in addition to the 1,150 sq metres of existing data centre space, already occupied by long term clients within South Australia’s largest and fully operational data centre facility . Release of the new data halls to the market is the culmination of a major upgrade project including building,  electrical, mechanical and fire systems upgrades that have resulted in improvements to the capacity and reliability of the 6,000 sq metre campus facility. Read More

Successful Replacement of Chillers and Cooling Towers Mechanical Plant

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Sungard has successfully implemented the replacement of the existing water cooled Luke chillers and Muller cooling towers mechanical plant, with three new 1100Kw evaporative cooled and highly efficient Smardt-Powerpax Chillers.

The integrating evaporative pre-cooling capability of the new chillers lowers the incident air temperature on the coil to dramatically reduce energy consumption, effectively shifting heat rejection from ambient dry bulb towards ambient wet bulb. In warmer, dryer climates, Smardt-Powerpax reference sites show further savings compared with normal Smardt-Powerpax air-cooled operation. The efficiency is comparable to a water-cooled system eliminating the need for a recirculation system including cooling tower, cooling water piping, pumps and water treatment system. Read More

Building Facade

Sungard Data Centre Commit $15m Upgrade of Kidman Park South Australian Data Centre

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Sungard Data Centre has committed to a fifteen million dollar upgrade of the Kidman Park South Australian Data Centre.

The data centre was originally built by the South Australian Government and continues to support to a number of government and business enterprises that require a South Australian presence.

The data centre upgrade when complete will incorporate new electrical, mechanical, fire, security, and building management systems that take advantage of new and leading technologies that will provide energy and operational efficiencies. Read More