Fire Systems Upgrade, Sungard Data Centre

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Sungard has recently completed a major upgrade to the Fire services within its Kidman Park data centre facility. Completion of this major upgrade to the site’s Fire services is to coincide with the impending announcement of two new data halls that will be commissioned and available to the Adelaide marketplace in July 2015. The new data halls will provide an approximate 600sq metres of new technical date centre space and will be in addition to the 1150sq metres of existing technical raised floor space occupied by existing clients.

To meet leading Industry standards for high availability Data Centre environments, the Fire system offers very early detection of risks via a Multipoint Aspirated Smoke Detection System (MASDS), coupled with Photo-optic Smoke detection with both systems needing to detect predetermined smoke risks before energising the discharge of extinguishing agents. Such systems offer detection of the minutest particles of smoke and can potentially avoid any serious combustion and limit risks to isolated equipment.

These early detection systems are linked to a Gaseous Fire Suppression System designed to extinguish a fire, potentially before a localised ignition can spread further. The suppression system is an inert gaseous fire suppressant consisting of natural gases and extinguishes fire without causing harm to people, property or the environment.

The new Gaseous Fire Suppression System quickly releases suppressant to both above and below raised computer room floor spaces. This system is supplemented by a new Dry Pipe Pre-action sprinkler system for any extremely unlikely event of a larger risk. In addition to the new suppression systems that have been installed, new sub and main Fire Instrument Panels (FIP) have been installed as well as a new Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS), to provide an enhanced level of safety for occupants within the building.

The total Fire system has been carefully designed by the site’s Consulting Engineers to the highest level of effectiveness and safety to provide optimum early risk notification, backed up by suppression agents that are environmentally neutral and provide the highest level of protection available. As with other advanced Building Management and reporting systems employed at the Kidman Park data centre, integration of the Fire system has been designed to automatically shut down associated plant to minimise any further risks if they present. Additionally, the Kidman Park facility has a direct communications link to the SA Metropolitan Fire Service ensuring the earliest possible response and again taking further steps that other data centre operators avoid to save cost.

As with all aspects of the recent facilities upgrades, Sungard engaged professional Consulting Engineers and highly accredited Contractors to design, engineer and implement works to the levels expected of Adelaide’s most technically sophisticated data centre. The new system has been engineered by Norman Disney & Young and installed by Spectrum Fire & Security on behalf of Sungard.