SA Power Networks Upgrade to Sungard’s Supply

Next Generation Controls & Switchgear, Dedicated Dual Feeders, Increased Reliability

SAPN’s annual planning for 2017 included upgrades to existing Substation switchboards that supply Sungard’s dual power feeds with state of the art equipment and control systems. The estimated capital cost of work for SAPN substation upgrades was is in the order of $4 million for their project.

SAPN has now completed the first Stage of the Flinders Park Substation upgrade, with Sungard becoming the first customer to be transferred onto the new Digital Feeder Management system with advanced Switchgear. Upgrade to Sungard’s Feeder #2 11kV supply has now been successfully completed with upgrade to Sungard’s Feeder #1 11kV supply due in the first week of May.

This significant SAPN technology upgrade to Sungard’s dual power feed design provides even greater confidence, ensuring uninterrupted switching between feeders when required, and removing single points of failure in the Utility supply system.

A further major benefit to Sungard and our customers is that Feeder #1 and Feeder #2 are both “dedicated feeds”, as opposed to shared “community” feeds supplying neighbouring electricity users. This enhances stability and reduces risk by avoiding points of failure that may occur due to highly varying demand in adjacent Mixed Use Zone areas and peak demand during extreme weather from those SAPN customers.

Sungard applauds SAPN’s forward planning initiative along with their investment of finances and resources to further enhance utility services that support Sungard’s data centre operations.

Garry Karklins
General Manager Sales & Operations
Sungard Data Centre Services