Sungard Commences Planning for A2 Data Centre

Opportunities for local SA jobs and skills growth

Sungard Data Centre engages local professional services company MPH Architects to develop concept plans for the construction of Adelaide 2 data centre on existing vacant land. MPH Architects offer specialist services in architecture, strategic facility planning and interior design. A Development Application has been lodged with local council Charles Sturt for assessment.

With the rapid uptake of Cloud services and fast developing Internet of Things (IoT) market segments, Sungard forecasts that there will be exponential growth in the need for Digital Data Centres to accommodate unprecedented compute and data storage capabilities for the future.

Sungard is already positioned to be a local hub for Cloud and Managed Services to accommodate the Colocation needs of Enterprise, Government, Research and Defence with the recent release of an additional 600 square metres of data centre floor space in their Adelaide 1 (A1) facility.

Adelaide 2 has been identified as a stand-alone facility of approximately 8,000 square metres in total area, with around 1,000 square metres of office space and conference facilities, secure storage and loading bay, together with the expansive back-of-house technical infrastructure that supports raised floor data centres. Car parking will be expanded to accommodate the expected 200+ personnel that will eventually be housed on site. Consistent with Sungard’s Adelaide 1 new data halls, the new Adelaide 2 facility will employ the latest technologies to gain energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact and offer the robustness, reliability and security expected of an industry-leading data centre.

Sungard’s CEO, Adrian Bogatez said, “ Now that our recent expansion project and release of two new data halls is out to market, I want to keep the momentum going so that we are ready to meet the future demands of our ever-growing digital economy. This next stage of investment in our growth will create local jobs for South Australians, facilitate Trade training opportunities through Contractors and utilise South Australian materials wherever possible. Adelaide 2 will be the largest greenfield data centre construction project SA has seen to date, and positioned to support growth in local Technology Innovation in all markets.”

The recent major upgrade and expansion of Sungard’s Adelaide 1 facility saw around 200 people with specialist skills engaged over a 3 year period.