Sungard Introduces New Security Protocols

Posted by | September 17, 2015 | Security Protocols | No Comments
New technology enhances health and safety

Sungard introduces new security protocols which enable all persons visiting the data centre to register via an electronic log in system, further enhancing Sungard’s data centre security systems.

The new system ensures all occupants within the building, which at times can be well over 400 people, to be fully accounted for. Robust security is a mandatory requirement for data centres of Sungard’s standard. Equally important is the safety, wellbeing and accountability of local staff, visitors and site contractors. The introduction of an electronic system has improved the accuracy and completeness of site visitor records while also increasing the privacy of visitor and staff information. The ability to pre-register visitors has reduced time taken by the Security Operations team to validate visitors, improving traffic flow at reception and aiding more efficient greeting by the onsite hosts.

The new system further enhances and complements Sungard’s rigorous security systems which are continually being reviewed to ensure advances in technology are adopted to improve customer experience, safety and robust site security.