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Main Structural Features

+ Modern 6,000m2 purpose built Data Centre
+ Technical Space 1,750m2
+ High Availability Business Continuity Office space 2,000m2
+ Land Size 21,000m2
+ Steel frame with concrete floors, metal faced cladding and glazing
+ Earthquake resistant construction
+ Minimum height from raised floor: 3.8m clear height
+ Under floor height 470 mm to 650 mm
+ Goods lift
+ 99 car spaces bitumen sealed

Redundant Power

Incoming HV feeders.

+ Utility Supply Mains Power from two independent diverse high voltage 11kV direct feeds.
+ Automatic failover from supply 1 and 2


+ 2300 kVA total supply shared between two substations
+ 3 x 1000kVA and 2 x 2000kVA transformers each in an N+1 Configuration

Standby Generator

+ Two Diesel generator back up (3000kVA / 2400kW rated), N+1 configuration
+ Two 1000 litre day tank (2,000 litres)
+ Bulk Storage tank. On site 30,000 litre diesel storage capacity held in double skin fibreglass tank.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

+ (UPS) 3 x (800kVA / 800kW rated) static UPS N+1 configuration.
+ Powershield Battery Voltage monitoring System
+ Technical and mechanical power supported by back up standby generator system

Cooling and Environment

+ Water Feed. Dual automatic feed water to the data centre with backflow prevention.
+ Evaporative Air Cooled Chillers
+ Minimum N+1 resilience on all systems
+ 3 x 1100kWr Chillers (N+1)
+ Multiple Air Handling Units
+ Temperature and humidity in technical space to industry acceptable standards and maintained within energy efficient parameters.

Fire Detection and suppression

+ Fire detection system in all areas.
+ Sprinkler systems throughout the building Dry pipe with pre- action valves and equipment areas.
+ Fire Instrument Panel alarm system (smoke & thermal) connected to local fire service
+ Gas suppression system in technical areas with pre-action sprinkler for additional resilience
+ Multi Aspirated Smoke Detection System (MASDS)
+ Master Evacuation Control Panel with warden intercom.

Building Management System

+ Experienced 24×7 facilitates management team
+ Environmental conditions monitored continuously in all technical areas
+ All engineering systems monitored via Schneider building monitoring system


+ Carrier Neutral
+ Access to multiple telecommunications providers


+ Security Operations Centre.
+ Bullet resistant Building Management and Security front entrance control room. 24 hour monitoring
+ External security guard patrols
+ Premises under CCTV surveillance
+ Two personal interlock access control systems via single access man traps
+ Access control using electronic proximity card readers and biometric system
+ Secure loading area

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